"Beauty will help you get the attention, personality will help you capture the heart, but attitude will help you make everything last."

About the Blog!

What this blog can offer you...

My blog will give you the idea of the power of styling, make-up and grooming – how it can help bring out the better version of you that will surely help boost your confidence…

My blog also offers you different tutorials on make-up that you can easily follow and learn – smokey eye, no make-up look, fresh look, new trends, classic look and more. Now that’s classroom training for free for you my readers.

Of course, You will learn the basics! I will give you the make-up basics and tips that most people forget when applying make-up – skin preparation, foundations, concealers and so much more…

From time to time I will give product reviews to products that I’ve already tried and used. And I’ll tell you if that product goes to my kit or if you should not bother purchasing at all. So it will save you time going to the make-up counter and help you decide which products are worth purchasing.

You’ll also find some articles here and in the future about clothes and accessories both for men and women – latest trends, mixing and matching, classics that never goes out of style and whole lot more to come in the future. I’ll also showcase tips and tricks on hair grooming and styles for men and women.

Also I’ll post from time to time my “What I Wear Today” or so called WIWT since this is after all my blog so you’ll know what I usually wear and how I groom myself. This will definitely help you know me better.
Yeap that's me...

Also as a photographer, I always have the chance and opportunity to work with different make-up artists and stylists, which give me the occasion, to know and learn from them too.

Collaboration with other make-up artist and photographer.

Of course, I will drop some techniques I learned along the way that you only get to know by experience outside the classroom. I do encourage you to leave a comment so that we’ll get to know each other more. Learning never ends and if you find a better way to do the trick other than the way I do things then I am willing to know that. Let’s exchange ideas.

I will try my best to make my blog a personal experience so that you’ll know that I know what I am talking about. I’ll do my best to make my entries more relatable; to make you feel welcome and to let you know that you are welcome to ask questions and that I will answer your questions.

I am hoping that you’ll stick with me and read my entries. I hope that you find my blog interesting and that you will learn a thing or two about styling, make-up and grooming.


Henry II


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