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Legendary Special Effects Make-up Artist Rick Baker colaborates with MAC...


Rihanna Collaborates with MAC Cosmetics for Riri Hearts Fall 2013...


Editorial featuring Sam Ajdani wearing Suits for the modern man...

Tools Of The Trade!

Read my review on ArtNet Professional Brush #153...

Behind The Scenes!

Hair and Make-up for Katrina! Click here...

Beauty Feature!

Eye Makeup with the Colors of Spring 2013!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Bride! Dinesh And Diane Wedding Day Video!

Make-up: Makeup Artistry by Hxero
Hair: Mylene Amorado-Sarmiento
Video: Deo Angeles

Get the look:

Nyx Eyeshadow Base
Kryolan Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Naked 2
Maybelline 24 Hour Gel Liner

Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit Powder

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
LandMark Flase Eyelashes
Maybelline Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

Carmex Lip Balm
Kryolan Lipstick

Dermacolor Concealer
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Kryolan Setting Powder
Maybelline Blush Powder
"Thank you for the amazing work you did on both myself and my girls for our wedding on Sept 22,2012 as well as on my pre wedding pictorials.Thank you Henry Anima II for being a part of our special day with Dinesh. We received many compliments on how we looked and felt so comfortable, natural and beautiful. YOU are an outstanding artist!!! I will for sure continue to recommend you to anyone I know..
Take care and keep in touch!" - Diane

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Splurge! MAC Rick Baker Collection Holiday 2013!

It's Halloween once again and what better way to celebrate it than having MAC collaborate with Rick Baker.

Rick Baker is a special effects make-up artist who did the special effects on the movie An American Werewolf in London, Michael Jackson's video on Thriller, and the up and coming movie Maleficent.

From Mac website:
Legendary special-effects artist Rick Baker brings his movie makeup magic to M∙A∙C with a unique collection of three Halloween looks designed by the artist (Bride, Day of Dead and Zombie). Includes: M∙A∙C Monster FX, two limited-edition Pro Palettes x 6, four Acrylic Paints, two Paintsticks, three Chromagraphic Pencils, Set Powder, and more.
Here are the collection:
(Images courtesy of Temptalia.com)

Acrylic Paints, Set Powder, Chromacake

Penultimate Eye Liner, Chromagraphic Pencil, Lip Pencil, Face & Body, and Monster FX

Lipstick and Paintstick
Spider Queen Pro Palette x 6

The Monster’s Bride Pro Palette x 6

The items that I purchased from the collection are the Paintsticks, Chromacake, Set Powder, Monster FX, and the Spider Queen Pro Palette. See photos below:

Acrylic Paints and Set Powder

Acrylic Paints and Set Powder

I really love the collection and love the items that I purchased. I can't wait to try and use these product.

What do you think of the collection? Did you get one?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Splurge! RiRi Hearts MAC Collection Fall 2013!

Singing Superstar Rihanna collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to come up with a Fall 2013 collection. What I like about the collection is the packaging, which I think is classic and yet modern at the same time.

When I arrived at the MAC shop in Rustan's Makati most of the lipsticks were sold out. I was lucky to even grab Talk that Talk and Riri Woo. Aside from the lipsticks, I also got myself the Cream Color Base in Diamonds, which I like very much.

From MAC website:
Rihanna premieres her perfect palette of lavish fall colour – a range of decidedly daring yet classically gorgeous shades, finishes and tools, all encased in the metallic warmth of rose gold packaging. Lipstick in deep raisin, orange frost, creamy nude and the vivid red of RiRi Woo match gleaming Lipglass, while eyes in contrasting soft and smoky cocoas complement luminous skin highlighted with Diamonds Cream Colour Base and Powder Blush in Bad Girl Gone Good.
Below are the rest of the collection:
(Images courtesy of MAC website.)

Nude, Who’s That Chick, Riri Woo, and Talk That Talk

Bad Girl Gone Good, Diamonds, and Hibiscus Kiss

Her Cocoa Eyeshadow Pallete, Smoked Cocoa Eyeshadow Pallete, and 35 and 36 lash

The Rest of the Collection

What do you think of the collection? Did you like the collaboration between Rihanna and MAC Cosmetics?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Face Form! Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette Preview!

I bought 3 palettes of Sleek Makeup's Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette. I have yet to try these on the models to know if these are good. I have high hopes on these palettes. I think these are good if I based it on the swatches I made at the counter. Let's see after I applied it on the models.

Photo below shows the three palettes I bought. The palette cost Php 350.00 for the small one and Php 900.00 for the big ones.

I'll update this post once I already tried and used them.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Collection! Foundation!

See photo below for all the foundations that I've tried:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Editorial! Falling for Suits!

I can finally post the editorial shoot I had with Diaryo Filipino in their Life & Style section on their May 2013 issue. The editorial was shoot in UP Diliman featuring supermodel and current "It Guy" Sam Ajdani of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines) who is a very nice guy and I had so much fun working with him.

Styling Jhay Layson features different kind of suits that will make regular guys look a lot better. Stylist apprentice Aldrin Ramos helped Jhay in styling Sam for the shoot. While make-up artist Nanan Villalba make sure Sam looks his best.

Photography: Henry G. Anima II
Model: Sam Ajdani
Styling: Jhay Layson
Grooming: Nanan Villalba

See the full editorial below:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Tip! Eye Bags Remedy And More!

Having problems with eye bags? Fine line and crows feet?

I had the same problem since I have eye bags too. I have fine lines and crows feet as well.

What I do to keep them at bay and prevent from having them again is I use Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream. I only use this before going to sleep (I use different product during day time).

Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream has two different cream in two different formula inside. 1st cream (with pink color) I put on lid and 2nd cream (which is white) I put on under eye area.

I've been using this since 2011 and it helps reduce eye bags discoloration, reduce puffiness, and reduce/prevent fine lines and crows feet.

I am hesitant to use it at first because the more popular product didn't help me at all, but my make-up instructor and friend told me to try it since it works really well on her. And I'm glad she was able to convince me because it works well on me too.

Having the same problem? Try using Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream too, this might be the one solution you've been looking for.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Tip! Get That Smooth and Kissable Lips!

Want that smooth and kissable lips?
Here's how:

1. Exfoliate your lips by brushing it gently before you sleep at night.
2. Then using cotton bud get half a pea size amount of Carmex and roll the cotton bud onto the lips until dry skin is removed and lips are smooth.
3. Use carmex the next day and make sure to purse lips together.

Carmex is effective yet affordable. Available in pots and in tubes. I use this on both male and female clients.

Friday, May 17, 2013

TOTT! ArtNet Professional Paris Brush #153!

Wanted to get slim crease detail that is blended really well? Yes? Then I recommend this brush from ArtNet Professional Paris. Brush no 153 is a small blending brush that will blend your crease detail and cut-crease really well. Because the tip is small and pointy it will not over-blend and erase the detail that you just created. The crease will look natural and well blended in seconds.

I had this brush for 2 years now and it looks and feels like new.

Here's a closer look of the brush hair.

Since I've been working with more than one face in one session, I decided to buy a new one.

But I was disappointed because the newer ones aren't like the one I purchased before. The tip is rounded unlike the one I bought first which is pointed. It still does the work but there's a risk of over-blending because the tip is not tapered to a point.

Closer look on the brushes' head/hair.

When you decide to buy one make sure to examine the brush head carefully and choose the one with hairs that are tapered to a point.

I really like this brush a lot. It's not the softest, I must say, but you can't go wrong with it. It's just sad that the new one I bought is not as pointy as the first brush.

This brush is available in Robinson's Manila and Robinson's Galleria.

Verdict: Love. Like. Nice. Skip. Drain.

It could have been love if not for the second purchase.

Behind The Scenes! Photo Shoot With Model Katrina!

I had the privilege of working with very beautiful Filipina-Spanish Model Katrina earlier today as her Hair and Make-up Artist. I created three looks for her photo shoot today. Katrina is very pretty already so it's really easy to made her up. I really had fun creating different looks on her.

Our photographer for today's shoot was Celwyn - who is also a TV/TVC director.

Please check some of the Behind The Scenes photos below:

Finishing her lip color.

Katrina's Before and After (1st look).

As you can see even without make-up she's so pretty. I just color corrected her complexion and enhance her beautiful features.

Katrina's first look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

1st look is natural beauty. I just enhance her already beautiful features.

Katrina's second look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

On the second look, I changed her lip color with bubble gum - neon pink and lined her lower water line with khol pencil and set with powder to prevent the khol from transferring outside the water line.

 Katrina's third look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

On her final look, I removed the pink lip color and massage her lips with lip balm before putting the red lip color. And I loaded lots of mascara on her natural lashes as this look requires no false eyelashes. I also darkened the outer corners of her eyes.

I hope you like Katrina's different looks that I created for her photo shoot today.

Don't forget to comment on what's your favorite look and ask questions if you have any.

See below our photos together:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beauty Feature! Colors of Spring 2013!

Finally I was able to post here the beauty Feature I did on the Life & Style Section of Diaryo Filipino. The theme for the feature are the colors of Spring 2013 for eye makeup.

Spring for me is about new beginnings and having fun. And I wanted to express these ideas and display   it as eye makeup for women to wear. I hope these looks will appeal to women and have fun with it.

Below are the colors of Spring 2013 that I used as an inspiration:

Image courtesy of http://www.thefashionistas.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Pantone-colors-spring-2013.jpg

Below is the Beauty Feature:

Check the individual photos below for details:

Look 01: Nectarine on lid and lower lashline

Look 02: African Violet on browbone and lower lashline + Emerald on lid

Look 03: Lemon Zest all over the lid and browbone + Linen on crease

I hope you like all the looks I created as featured on April 2013 issue of Diaryo Filipino.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Designer Spotlight! Pia Gladys Perey Interview!

I've got the privilege to interview Pia Gladys Perey and discussed with her her experience at LA Style Fashion Week 2013. The interview was published in Diaryo Filipino - A Filipino/Canadian Newspaper based in Alberta, Canada.

Read below for my interview with the talented Philippines' queen of drapes Pia Gladys Perey:

Pia Gladys Perey Wows At Style Fashion Week
by Henry G. Anima II

Despite Pia Gladys Perey’s usual busy schedule she managed to find time to discuss with me, her latest collection from Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

Pia Gladys Perey (PGP) is well known for her mastery in drapes. Her collection is often very feminine and very elegant. Celebrities like Grabielle Union and Angelina Jolie already wore some of her designs.

From PGP Press Release: “The collection opened with separates of armored gold and high shine black that felt like leather, this added an edge to the collection that kept it fresh and very bankable at retail. The collection moved into hues such as teal, cadet blue, pine green, and pistachio to the houses default set of neutrals in classic PGP styling.”

When you were invited again to showcase a collection on Style Fashion Week in LA, what was your initial reaction?

PGP: This is actually my third time to get invited to LA fashion week and this year, I felt that it is time to participate since I have been blessed with a lovely team.

How did the organizers (of Style Fashion Week) know about you and your designs?

PGP: I think through my presence online and in the Australian market J.

When you finally decided to join, what were the first few things that you have to consider?

PGP: Team, budget and of course the long term effect of the show to my line in terms of sales and PR.

What was your inspiration behind your collection?

PGP: Luxury and Romance.

What are the challenges, if any, that you had to face in doing and presenting your collection?

PGP: This collection’s challenge was only just really designing the collection. I was so pressed for time and I didn’t feel the inspiration until a few weeks before the launch!

How did you handle it?

PGP: Like what I always do, I hit the beach and refresh my mind

Congratulations on the standing ovation - the crowd really loved your collection. Now that the world knows the potential and greatness of the Pia Gladys Perey label, what direction are you going to take it in the future?

PGP: We are opening a store in LA (Melrose Ave) in June, along with this, we are doing very aggressive moves for sales and PR in the US market.

If people want to know more about you, and inquire your designs, how can they reach you?

PGP: People can go to our website www.piagladysperey.net

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Designer Spotlight! Veejay Floresca Interview!

I've got the privilege to interview Veejay Floresca and discussed with him his experience on Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013. The interview was published in Diaryo Filipino - A Filipino/Canadian Newspaper based in Alberta, Canada.

Read below for my interview with the talented and amazing Veejay Floresca:

Spotlight On Veejay Floresca
by Henry G. Anima II

I got really excited upon learning that Veejay Floresca, a young and very successful Filipino designer, was invited to have a show in Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 (as shown on photos below). I’ve seen his creations long before he landed third place in the hit fashion reality TV show Project Runway Philippines (Season 1). Since then Veejay’s career as a designer has taken off very well. And now, he has become one of the most sought after young designers in the Philippines.

After seeing his collection on a live stream video, which I really like a lot, I knew I had to feature him and his collection here in Diaryo Filipino to let more people about him.

First of all I’d like to congratulate you on the success of your show at the Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013. What did you feel when you got the invite to present a collection at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013?

VF: I was very nervous! haha.. ‘coz it’s my first international fashion show, and my first time to do a Fall collection. I’ve done several collections before but it’s in the Philippines, so definitely the biggest challenge for me was to create a collection for a more global market.

What was your inspiration behind the collection? And what is the collection called?

VF: I took inspiration from the old photographs of my mom. I still remember those days when I would always browse through her old albums looking at the clothes, the fashion during her time. Fashion is a cycle, so I thought of getting that as my main inspiration. There’s no name for this collection.

It’s about layering and outerwear that’s perfect for women who love fashion and style.

What are the challenges that you had to face in creating this collection?

VF: The biggest challenge for me was to come up with a collection ONLINE.

I am here in San Francisco now taking up my Masters in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University. Doing this collection online needs a lot of time and effort, but [it’s] worth-it. I have a very skilled and efficient team in Manila. We maximized the advantage of advanced technology to keep in touch and in doing the collection.

I know you’re studying in San Francisco now but can you tell me more about it?

VF: My course is Masters in Fine Arts Major in Fashion Design.

I am learning so much. I thought what I learned in my undergraduate in College of Saint Benilde was enough, but I was wrong. Studying here made me a better designer. I learned more techniques and advanced lessons about pattern making, clothing construction and I was challenged to cope up with their high standards.

I also learned to develop my own style and to be more versatile as a designer without losing my own personal style as a designer. In the Philippines, many designers love dresses or gowns. Haha... I like them, too because that’s the market. But when I came here, I became more mature. As much as possible, I keep myself from what I would usually do in Manila. So now I am focusing in designing separates such as coats, trousers, jackets, tops which is more challenging!

I know that you are designing for people from different parts of the world. Tell me about that.

VF: Yes, I am indeed lucky to have a market of clients abroad. I appreciate the trust they give me.

Who would have thought that we could use a smartphone to communicate with clients abroad. How do maximize the use of it in your business? To close a deal?

VF: We are now moving towards a more diverse world and there is a need to elevate our business modules to reach out to a bigger market.

Majority of my clients now are people from all over the world. They don’t meet me personally, but we chat, Skype, email, and those are just some of the useful ways we do to work together.

What are your future goals?

VF: I want to finish my school and hopefully, join more international fashion shows, establish another branch here in SFO or NYC, continue my scholarship programs for aspiring fashion designers, and get married and build my own family at the age of 35.

What advise can you give budding designers out there?

VF: I think as designers, we need to challenge ourselves and not to always stay in our comfort zones. You may contact Veejay through his e-mail address at veejayfloresca@gmail.com 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beauty Haul! From Hong Kong Trip!

palgantong powder, duo eyelash glue in black, koji eyelash curler, mac 239 brush

During my latest trip to Hong Kong I only bought four (4) items that I will be using for my clients. These are MAC 239 brush, PALGANTONG MAKE-UP theatrical powder in Beige Ocre, DUO striplash adhesive in black and KOJI no. 100 eyelash curler.

And I am excited and I can't wait to use these on my clients and friends. Who's volunteering to test these?

mac 239 brush
MAC 239 Brush

palgantong powder
PALGANTONG MAKE-UP Theatrical Powder in Beige Ocre

duo eyelash glue in black
DUO Striplash Adhesive in Black

koji eyelash curler
KOJI No. 100 Eyelash Curler for the lower eyelash

I still have supplies for other stuff life foundations, eyeshadows and lip colors so I decided not to buy any of those. These 4 items are the stuff that I needed for the moment that's why I bought them.

What do you think of my recent purchase?

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