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Friday, May 17, 2013

TOTT! ArtNet Professional Paris Brush #153!

Wanted to get slim crease detail that is blended really well? Yes? Then I recommend this brush from ArtNet Professional Paris. Brush no 153 is a small blending brush that will blend your crease detail and cut-crease really well. Because the tip is small and pointy it will not over-blend and erase the detail that you just created. The crease will look natural and well blended in seconds.

I had this brush for 2 years now and it looks and feels like new.

Here's a closer look of the brush hair.

Since I've been working with more than one face in one session, I decided to buy a new one.

But I was disappointed because the newer ones aren't like the one I purchased before. The tip is rounded unlike the one I bought first which is pointed. It still does the work but there's a risk of over-blending because the tip is not tapered to a point.

Closer look on the brushes' head/hair.

When you decide to buy one make sure to examine the brush head carefully and choose the one with hairs that are tapered to a point.

I really like this brush a lot. It's not the softest, I must say, but you can't go wrong with it. It's just sad that the new one I bought is not as pointy as the first brush.

This brush is available in Robinson's Manila and Robinson's Galleria.

Verdict: Love. Like. Nice. Skip. Drain.

It could have been love if not for the second purchase.


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