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Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Tip! Eye Bags Remedy And More!

Having problems with eye bags? Fine line and crows feet?

I had the same problem since I have eye bags too. I have fine lines and crows feet as well.

What I do to keep them at bay and prevent from having them again is I use Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream. I only use this before going to sleep (I use different product during day time).

Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream has two different cream in two different formula inside. 1st cream (with pink color) I put on lid and 2nd cream (which is white) I put on under eye area.

I've been using this since 2011 and it helps reduce eye bags discoloration, reduce puffiness, and reduce/prevent fine lines and crows feet.

I am hesitant to use it at first because the more popular product didn't help me at all, but my make-up instructor and friend told me to try it since it works really well on her. And I'm glad she was able to convince me because it works well on me too.

Having the same problem? Try using Pond's age miracle Dual Action Eye Cream too, this might be the one solution you've been looking for.


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