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Friday, May 17, 2013

Behind The Scenes! Photo Shoot With Model Katrina!

I had the privilege of working with very beautiful Filipina-Spanish Model Katrina earlier today as her Hair and Make-up Artist. I created three looks for her photo shoot today. Katrina is very pretty already so it's really easy to made her up. I really had fun creating different looks on her.

Our photographer for today's shoot was Celwyn - who is also a TV/TVC director.

Please check some of the Behind The Scenes photos below:

Finishing her lip color.

Katrina's Before and After (1st look).

As you can see even without make-up she's so pretty. I just color corrected her complexion and enhance her beautiful features.

Katrina's first look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

1st look is natural beauty. I just enhance her already beautiful features.

Katrina's second look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

On the second look, I changed her lip color with bubble gum - neon pink and lined her lower water line with khol pencil and set with powder to prevent the khol from transferring outside the water line.

 Katrina's third look. Photos taken by my iphone 4s.

On her final look, I removed the pink lip color and massage her lips with lip balm before putting the red lip color. And I loaded lots of mascara on her natural lashes as this look requires no false eyelashes. I also darkened the outer corners of her eyes.

I hope you like Katrina's different looks that I created for her photo shoot today.

Don't forget to comment on what's your favorite look and ask questions if you have any.

See below our photos together:


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