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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beauty Haul! From Hong Kong Trip!

palgantong powder, duo eyelash glue in black, koji eyelash curler, mac 239 brush

During my latest trip to Hong Kong I only bought four (4) items that I will be using for my clients. These are MAC 239 brush, PALGANTONG MAKE-UP theatrical powder in Beige Ocre, DUO striplash adhesive in black and KOJI no. 100 eyelash curler.

And I am excited and I can't wait to use these on my clients and friends. Who's volunteering to test these?

mac 239 brush
MAC 239 Brush

palgantong powder
PALGANTONG MAKE-UP Theatrical Powder in Beige Ocre

duo eyelash glue in black
DUO Striplash Adhesive in Black

koji eyelash curler
KOJI No. 100 Eyelash Curler for the lower eyelash

I still have supplies for other stuff life foundations, eyeshadows and lip colors so I decided not to buy any of those. These 4 items are the stuff that I needed for the moment that's why I bought them.

What do you think of my recent purchase?


  1. How much did you get for the mac 239 in hkd? :-)


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