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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventure Time! Winter in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, OOTD

I instantly like Hong Kong from the first time I went there (with my mom, my aunt and my youngest brother last 2010). And going back to Hong Kong this year on a colder weather makes it more exciting for me.

Last February, I went back to Hong Kong with my friends. It was their first time to go there so I got really excited to be their tour guide. We decided to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui since my friends love shopping a lot. I thought it would be a great place to start shopping since a lot of shops flooded the area.

Outfit of the Day at Tsim Sha Tsui: checkered button down shirt from Levi's, gray jacket from Dockers, tapered pants from Wrangler, sandals from Sanuk, faux fur hat from 21Men, herringbone scarf from Forever21, sunglasses from Vanz, camera sling bag from Crumpler, black arm band from H&M, red arm band from tiange.

At the immigration in Hong Kong: cap by Penshoppe, v-neck t-shirt from Giordano, jacket shirt from W by Rajo.

When we arrived at the Hong Kong international airport I got more excited because I see fogs everywhere meaning the weather will be a lot colder there; we can roam around the city on foot without having to worry about heat, humidity and sweating (profusely).

We had our lunch at the airport first before we bought our 3 day unlimited train ride tickets. I really recommend this one because you will be having an access to Airport Express going to and from Hong Kong downtown plus unlimited rides to all trains (MTR) within Hong Kong for 3 days. And if you are staying a bit longer (in our case we stayed for four (4) days) you can buy additional credit from any train station. Don't worry if you'll end up buying more credits because you can always refund the extra credit once you go back to the airport.

We got ourselves a map to guide us. The map is free so feel free to grab one if you don't have one with you. From the Airport going to Tsim Sha Tsui was easy. In our case we first took the Airport Express Line (the green line) and stopped at Tsing Yi station. Then took the Tung Chung Line (the orange line) stopping at Lai King station before taking the Tsuen Wan Line (the red line) which finally lead us to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Please click on the map below to see Hong Kong's MTR system:

Image courtesy of: http://vendyxiao.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/hong-kong-MTR-map01.jpg

I was not able to take photos of my OFTD on our first day because we got too busy exploring Hong Kong. But here's what I wore on our second day:

Outside Tsim Sha Tsui Train Station. I'm all wrapped up because it was so cold that day. I decided to wear Sanuk sandals because we're going to walk most of the time and I want something comfortable to wear.

The scarf helps a lot to combat the cold weather. Herringbone scarf from Forever21, sunglasses from Vanz, black leather arm band from H&M also available in brown, red leather arm band from tiange also available in different colors.

Battery juice accessory from ibattz for iphone 4s for extra battery power.

Green/Black camera sling bag from Crumpler.

Black/Gray Herringbone sandals from Sanuk.

Locals call this landmark as "The Black Guy."

At The Peak Tram station. The tram goes all the way up to the peak. At The Peak you can have a great view of Hong Kong. You can also find Madame Tussauds Wax museum here.

Overlooking Hong Kong from The Peak. It's windy and cold up here.

With some tourist at The Peak.

The faux fur hat shielded my ears from the freezing wind. Faux fur hat from 21Men, herringbone scarf from Forever21, sunglasses from Vanz.

A mall across The Peak.

 Hong Kong Island city scape; A view from the Avenue of the Stars.

 Wrist watch from Giordano.

Goofing around at the Avenue of the Stars.

We went to a lot of places on our second day and of course we ended the day shopping. LOL.

Photos by James Reido
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  1. Great photos, it looks like you had an amazing time. Love your outfit you have wonderful style a lot of men could learn from you. :)

  2. @tiffy thank you... i'm glad that you like how I dress up...

  3. Wonderful photo,adventure sport nq.It will be lovely magnificent framed. Those are my colours and style!


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