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Monday, February 18, 2013

Get The Look! Black And Red Butterfly Eye Makeup!

I was asked to help Yeoh Models for their Spring Summer 2012 Package shoot. The inspiration behind the look for the girls for the shoot is the dark shade surrounding the eyes of a raccoon. During the shooting day, we (the make-up artists) were told to modify the color of the eyeshadows as we like as long as we still include black eyeshadow and retain the shape of the raccoon eyes.

For the model's eyeshadows, I chose the red eyeshadow to mix with black to mimic the color of the wings of a black-and-red butterfly. I really like the outcome and I will be sharing you today how to recreate the look.

Model: Patricia Go of Yeoh Models
Photo & Make-up: Henry G. Anima II
Hair: Mycke Arcano

For this look I use NYX Makeup Make-up Artist kit (photo shown above).

I marked the eyeshadows in the palette for easy eyeshadow reference.

Black and Red Butterfly Inspired Eye Makeup:

Follow the simple steps to below to achieve the look.

Note: Placed the product/s on the space enclosed in white line on the photo above each steps.

Step 01:
Prime and put eye makeup base on the entire eye area starting from upper lash line up to the brow bone. I use NYX Eyeshadow base in skin tone.

Step 02:
Using a blending brush like Mac 224 place black eyeshadow in D3 on the outer eye area and swipe it on the crease towards the inner eye area near the nose. Make sure to use gentle strokes so that the less eyeshadows will be placed on the inner eye area of the crease.

Step 03:
Using a dome eyeshadow brush like Mac 239 place red eyeshadow in F6 on the lid area. Carefully blending it on the edge of the black eyeshadow placed from the previous step. Add more layer of the red eyeshadow depending on the intensity of the color that you want to achieve.

Step 04:
Using a eyeliner brush like Mac 210 place a black gel or cream liner on the upper lash line. Then smudge the gel/cream using Marionnaud No. 8 pencil brush.

Step 05:
Using Marionnaud No. 8 pencil brush place red eyeshadow in F6 on the lower lash line. Starting from the outer eye corner towards the inner eye corner. Make sure that you blend the eye shadow well.

Step 06:
Using a small angle brush like Mac 208 place a black gel eye liner on the lower waterline. Then slightly blend it on the lower lash line.

Step 07:
Using Marionnaud No. 8 pencil brush place black eyeshadow in D3 on the lower lash line to blend the black gel eye liner.

Step 08:
Using a blending brush like Mac 217 combine eye shadows in D1 and D6 the place it on the brow bone towards the inner eye corner in a wild shield wiper motion. Make sure to blend the edges well.

Then Curl your eyelashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Apply 2 coats of Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara (let the mascara dry for 3 to 5 seconds before applying the second coat) from roots to tips. Add false eyelashes to your liking.

Below are the finished look:

Eye Makeup with eyes close.

Eye Makeup with eyes open.

For Patricia's Brows:

For her eyebrows I use wet n' wild ultimate brow kit powder in Ash Brown. I use the lighter one using MAC 208 brush. I first fill in the highest point of the arch towards the tip of the eyebrow before filling in the part near the nose.

Tip: Try to draw the shape first and check if you like it before putting more eyebrow powder. It's always easier to pack colors than removing the excess. I hope this helps.

For the Face:

I use 2 color of True Match foundation to achieve her skin color. Then I mix nyx, kryolan and covergirl concealer on under eye area, sides of the nose/mount and on spots that need concealing. Then I use kryolan transparent loose powder to set the makeup using E.L.F. powder brush.

For the Cheeks:

I use Maybelline blush in peach and cinnamon using Nars Yachiyo brush. Note: You should put lip balm like Carmex after skin prep.

For the Lips:

Step 01: Line the entire lip area (upper and lower lips) with Etude House Lip Liner in Natural. Purse lips together to distribute lip liner evenly.

Step 02: Apply Kryolan Lipstck in #LF401 (nudel-coral shade). Purse lips together. Repeat this step twice or thrice depending on how long you want your lipstick will stay.

Step 03: Then add a coat of Kryolan Lipstick in #LC132 for that hint of orange. Purse lips together.

Step 04: Set lipstick by pressing tissue in between your upper and lower lips.

Step 05: Apply Etude House clear Lip Gloss in the Middle of your lower lip.

I hope you like her look and like the tutorial too. Let me know if you are able to recreate the look and what you think about it.



  1. Perfect!!! You're awesome as ever Henry :) Love the butterfly effect! ❤


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