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Sunday, February 3, 2013

TOTT! Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush #7!

I really like brushes in fact I have more than a hundred already. And when I happen to see one on the mall I just can’t help myself but try it.

One that caught my attention was the Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush #7. Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush #7 reminds me of the MAC 239 brush – the tapered-rounded shape and white colored hair look really similar to each other. So I really got excited and bought 2 instantly.

Here’s what the website tells about Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush #7:

Charm PRO Makeup Brushes are made from the best quality and precise craftsmanship that will ensure you professional results in your makeup application!

The Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush is a very dense brush that picks up substantial amount of eyeshadow and packs on vivid colors on the eyelids.

I have this brush for more than a month already and I already used, cleaned and washed it a couple of times so I think I can do a review of it now.

I really like dense brushes that pickup colors, deposit the colors well and that are soft. Charm PRO Eye Shader Brush #7 picks up color well and deposits it well on the eyelids, however, the brush is so scratchy it hurts the eye area where you put colors specially when you use it for shading to smoke-out the color.

The brush is not soft but not stiff. When you use the top-edge side of the brush to blend the outer v and crease area and deposit color on the lower lash line it scratches and pokes the area.

The one on the left sheds like crazy which does not happen with the one on the right.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve got two and one of the brushes shed like crazy which does not happen with the other brush. And it’s kind of hard to clean it.

The good thing about this brush is that it picks up color, deposit color well and minimize eye shadow fall-out so I'll only use this brush for that purpose only (I don't recommend this brush for blending and shading the lid and crease areas and placing color on the lower lash line). But I was disappointed with it because it hurts the eye unlike Charm PRO Big Blending Brush #11 (that I really like).

This retails for Php 350.00 but I got it with 10% discount at The Ramp Glorietta.

Verdict: Love. Like. Nice. Skip. Drain.

Although it delivers its promise of picking up and packing color (almost like MAC 239 and actually better than other brushes for that purpose) I just can’t stand that it scratches and pokes the area where you use it.


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