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Monday, February 4, 2013

TOTT! Charm PRO Big Blending Brush #11!

Another brush that caught my eye is Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11. I think I already have 12 blending brushes but additional 2 won't hurt, right? Yes I bought two of these. What makes this brush very appealing to me is the hair color - which is white (just like my MAC 217 brushes). Most of my blending brushes are either black or brown (the two different ones are the stippling eye blending brush and the blending+dome eye brush that comes with Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette).

Here’s what the website tells about Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11:

Charm PRO Makeup Brushes are made from the best quality and precise craftsmanship that will ensure you professional results in your makeup application!

The CHARM PRO Blending Brush is a must-have as a blending brush, as it de nes and contours your crease, and also blends eyeshadow into a seamless gradient. Made with the right fi rmness, it gives you control while blending your eyeshadow.

I have this brush for more than a month already and I already used, cleaned and washed it a couple of times so I think I can also do a review of it now just like the Charm Pro Eye Shader Brush #7.

Front View and Top View

While most of my blending brushes are really soft Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11 is not that soft, which makes this brush unique among my blending brushes. And I like it that way.

It is not stiff but is firm enough not to over-blend eye shadow color, which really helps when I needed a blending brush to do that for me. This brush helps me achieve a certain gradient that don’t fade the color, which happens when you over-blend.

My Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11 brushes.

Among my blending brushes Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11 is the densest. It picks up color really well and helps me blend the outer V and crease area without over-blending. And since the brush is dense, I really like using it to blend concealer on the under eye area and corners of the nose.

I also like to use this brush on creamy products like the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo.

Since this is not the softest blending brush you need to blend the eye shadow more if you want to use it that way (which I don't on this brush) since I’m using another blending brush for that purpose. Sometimes it is a bit scratchy but not to the point that it hurts the area where you use it so it is not a big deal. There are few hairs that shed but nothing sheds after two washes.

I really like the white hair.

This retails for Php 399.00 but I got it with 10% discount at The Ramp Glorietta.

Verdict: Love. Like. Nice. Skip. Drain.

I am satisfied with the 2 Charm Pro Big Blending Brush #11 brushes that I have. It picks up color really well and does not over-blend and losing all the definition of the eye shadow color. I can also use it on concealers to blend the edges and creamy eye shadows from placing wash of color as base to building the color intensity to my liking.


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