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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get The Look! Pin-up Inspired Makeup for Slimmetry!

I've got the chance to do the makeup and photography for Slimmetry's Ad Campaign. Slimmetry is a clothing brand specializing in Body Forming Corsets and Swimwear. And the makeup for the campaign is inspired by pin-up girls of 1950's. This decade celebrates the voluptuous curves of women and that's what Slimmetry is trying to offer women now - achieving the curves you deserve.

Our model for the campaign is Tanja Winheim - a Spanish/Filipina beauty. The make-up is so sexy and yet so easy to achieve. And it fits for all women. To get the look, just follow the simple steps below:

You may use Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette to create this look.

Tanja's 1950's Eye Make-up:

Note: Placed the product/s on the space enclosed in white line.

Step 01: Prime and put eye makeup base on the entire eye area starting from upper lash line up to the brow bone. I use NYX Eyeshadow base in skin tone.

Step 02: Then using medium shading brown eyeshadow with red undertone, swipe in a windshield wiper motion starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye area to define the crease using a blending brush. I use a Artnet #154 brush to deposit and blend the eyeshadow.

Step 03: Then place a matte skin tone eye shadow on the entire lid and blend it well on the edge of the crease using a dome eye shadow brush. I use Artnet #112 brush to pick-up and deposit color.

Step 04: Then place a matte black eyeshadow on the outer V and outer crease of the eye using a pencil/pointed brush. Make sure to blend the eyeshadow well with the crease color. I use Marionnaud #8 brush to pick-up and define the color.

Step 05: Then place a shimmer vanilla eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye, center of the lid and the brow bone area to create highlight using a small dome eyeshadow brush. I use the brush that comes with the 10-piece brush set from Suesh.

Step 06: Then place the same eyeshadow color that define the crease on the lower lash line using the a pencil/pointed brush. I use Marionnaud #8 brush to deposit and blend color on the lower lash line.

Step 07: Then I place a matte black eyeshadow on the other part of the lower lash line to mimic a shadow that coming from the lashes when hit a light source from above. I use the same from from previous step.

Step 08: Place an eyeliner gel on the upper lash line and wing it out on the outer corner eye to create a sexy kitten wing that is famous during the 1950's. I use E.L.F. cream eyeliner in black to create this look. I use Fanny Serrano #14 slant eyebrow/eyeliner brush to get the wing and the line.

That finishes the eye makeup. Easy right? Now you can recreate this eye makeu-up on yourself.

Here's the eye makeup when looking down.

And here's the eye makeup when eyes are open.

For the lips:

I use Etude lip liner to define the shape of the lips then I use Top Tomato by Revlon to get that luscious red color using Artnet lip brush.

For the Face:

I use 2 color of True Match foundation to achieve her skin color. Then I mix nyx, kryolan and covergirl concealer on under eye area, sides of the nose/mount and on spots that need concealing. Then I use kryolan transparent loose powder to set the makeup using E.L.F. powder brush.

For Cheeks:

I use Maybelline blush in peach and cinnamon using Nars Yachiyo brush.

For Eyebrows.

I use wet n' wild eyebrow kit to define her brows using Marionnaud #9 brush.

I hope you like her look and like the tutorial. Let me know if you are able to recreate the look.

See photos below for the ad campaign. Enjoy!


  1. Am always fascinated with the pin up look :) great make up as always!

    1. me too... the pinup look is still wearable today...


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