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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Designer Spotlight! Veejay Floresca Interview!

I've got the privilege to interview Veejay Floresca and discussed with him his experience on Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013. The interview was published in Diaryo Filipino - A Filipino/Canadian Newspaper based in Alberta, Canada.

Read below for my interview with the talented and amazing Veejay Floresca:

Spotlight On Veejay Floresca
by Henry G. Anima II

I got really excited upon learning that Veejay Floresca, a young and very successful Filipino designer, was invited to have a show in Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 (as shown on photos below). I’ve seen his creations long before he landed third place in the hit fashion reality TV show Project Runway Philippines (Season 1). Since then Veejay’s career as a designer has taken off very well. And now, he has become one of the most sought after young designers in the Philippines.

After seeing his collection on a live stream video, which I really like a lot, I knew I had to feature him and his collection here in Diaryo Filipino to let more people about him.

First of all I’d like to congratulate you on the success of your show at the Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013. What did you feel when you got the invite to present a collection at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013?

VF: I was very nervous! haha.. ‘coz it’s my first international fashion show, and my first time to do a Fall collection. I’ve done several collections before but it’s in the Philippines, so definitely the biggest challenge for me was to create a collection for a more global market.

What was your inspiration behind the collection? And what is the collection called?

VF: I took inspiration from the old photographs of my mom. I still remember those days when I would always browse through her old albums looking at the clothes, the fashion during her time. Fashion is a cycle, so I thought of getting that as my main inspiration. There’s no name for this collection.

It’s about layering and outerwear that’s perfect for women who love fashion and style.

What are the challenges that you had to face in creating this collection?

VF: The biggest challenge for me was to come up with a collection ONLINE.

I am here in San Francisco now taking up my Masters in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University. Doing this collection online needs a lot of time and effort, but [it’s] worth-it. I have a very skilled and efficient team in Manila. We maximized the advantage of advanced technology to keep in touch and in doing the collection.

I know you’re studying in San Francisco now but can you tell me more about it?

VF: My course is Masters in Fine Arts Major in Fashion Design.

I am learning so much. I thought what I learned in my undergraduate in College of Saint Benilde was enough, but I was wrong. Studying here made me a better designer. I learned more techniques and advanced lessons about pattern making, clothing construction and I was challenged to cope up with their high standards.

I also learned to develop my own style and to be more versatile as a designer without losing my own personal style as a designer. In the Philippines, many designers love dresses or gowns. Haha... I like them, too because that’s the market. But when I came here, I became more mature. As much as possible, I keep myself from what I would usually do in Manila. So now I am focusing in designing separates such as coats, trousers, jackets, tops which is more challenging!

I know that you are designing for people from different parts of the world. Tell me about that.

VF: Yes, I am indeed lucky to have a market of clients abroad. I appreciate the trust they give me.

Who would have thought that we could use a smartphone to communicate with clients abroad. How do maximize the use of it in your business? To close a deal?

VF: We are now moving towards a more diverse world and there is a need to elevate our business modules to reach out to a bigger market.

Majority of my clients now are people from all over the world. They don’t meet me personally, but we chat, Skype, email, and those are just some of the useful ways we do to work together.

What are your future goals?

VF: I want to finish my school and hopefully, join more international fashion shows, establish another branch here in SFO or NYC, continue my scholarship programs for aspiring fashion designers, and get married and build my own family at the age of 35.

What advise can you give budding designers out there?

VF: I think as designers, we need to challenge ourselves and not to always stay in our comfort zones. You may contact Veejay through his e-mail address at veejayfloresca@gmail.com 


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