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Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome! Welcome!

my makeup on brides and bridal clients
Wow, first blog entry. This is kind of big, right?

I’ve been debating whether I should start my own blog about grooming and make-up or not. After a lot of thinking I finally told myself, why not, after all this is my job now so why not talk about it.

my makeup brushes

My makeup tools
photo by afamaphotography

I left my job that pays me well to become a full time freelance photographer, make-up, stylist and digital artist. I’ve dedicated most of my career in a corporate world and I thought this would be the perfect year to start focusing on the artistic part of me.

This blog, however, will focus on the make-up side of it. First of all, I graduated at Center ofAesthetic Studies (CAS) last year and ever since I’ve been doing a lot of make-up and grooming for wedding, portfolio shoots, TV commercials, and other clients.

Make-up by Me
Hair by Jem

Why make-up? You might ask me. In photo shoots there were times that the make-up artists we hire flaked on us. Everyone was already there so it’s really a waste not to go through with it. With my background in watercolor painting I tried painting our models’ faces with their own make-up so we could continue with the shoot. The outcome turned really well and I started liking doing make-up. I find make-up application easier as compared to watercolor (where you will be working on a blank paper).
Photo by Me 

Also, as a photographer I’ve wanted to create a coffee book table about images that I could capture and immortalized them in a book. I’ve had a lot of make-up artist friends but most of them are already well known in the industry and their schedules are insanely full – it’s hard to just sit with them and discuss my idea.

 Photography by Me for View Magazine
Make-up by Nanan
Hair by George

A perfect opportunity came when my friend was telling me that she wanted a new hobby and I told her why not take up make-up class, I suggested. She only agreed when I told her that I’d be joining her. She did not, however, take up the class because her boy friend then proposed to her and they needed to save the money on their big day. Since I already paid for my tuition fee, I continued the class. So here I am now, a full pledge make-up artist (and I’d probably be doing my friend’s make-up on her wedding day next year).

I idea of this blog is to show the readers the power of makeup and how it can enhance the natural beauty of each individual that I painted on. I also will be showing different looks that I already created and will be creating in the future. I’ll share different tips, tricks and suggestions. I’ll be showing how to correct make-up oversights and probably products that you may want to use and consider buying. Products and make-up tools review and more are included also in my repertoire.

 Make-up by Me

I hope that you will find some time to read my blog entries. And just leave a comment whenever you feel like it.
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