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Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY! Mix Your Own Lip Color in 4 Easy Steps!

Sometimes when you are mixing and painting two different colors of lipstick on a client (or yourself) the process can be messy and can be time consuming. Sometimes you end up putting color on other tube then staining and ruining the original color. To save time and prevent you from getting messy during mixing two different colors of lipstick (on actual makeup application) follow the simple steps to create your own mix of lip color below.

Note: If you are a kid make sure you ask your parent (or an adult) to assist you.

Click here to go directly to the 4 easy steps.

Things you need:

1. Your favorite lipsticks in different colors.

2. Spatula for taking small part of lipstick from a tube and mixing lipsticks together.

3. Teaspoon or

Tablespoon (for larger container).

4. Empty lipstick palette or

Empty tiny jars (you can buy from Landmark, Beabi or Muji) to put your lip mix.

5. Flame (from a stove or from a candle).

Here are the 4 easy steps:

  • Using the spatula, slice a portion of your favorite lipstick and place it on the spoon. Clean your spatula then slice another portion of lipstick with different color and add it to the first lip color. It is up to you to place the ratio of two different colors. Just add some more to achieve the color you want.
  • Then place it above a flame with medium heat (I place mine over a stove but you may use a candle and it will do the trick) to melt.
  • Mix the lipstick by stirring then well with spatula when melted to get an even mixture.
  • Place the mixture on an empty palette or jar and allow the mixture to harden.

Congrats! You got yourself a new shade of lip color! Just use your lip brush to get color from the pan and apply it to yourself. Easy, right?

Enjoy creating your lip color too and let me know what you think about it.

That's it but you may check more photos below for more color mixtures I created.

Here's another mixture. Lovely color, right?

You may also mix the two lip colors together before melting to create your new lip color a bit faster.

I created a total of 11 lip colors by mixing different lip colors and different rations. Check all the colors and ratios below:

Mix 1, 2 and 3.

Mix 4, 5 and 6.

Mix 7, 8 and 9.

Mix 10 and 11.

And here are the new shades of lip colors I created on a palette. I numbered the colors based on the mixtures above. The ones with no numbers are the original shades I used to create the new lip colors.

Palette 1.

Palette 2.

QUICK TIP: If you are a bit OC you may use hair blow drier to make your lip color look even and a lot better in your palette. Just let the heat from the blower melt the top part slowly to even it out in the palette (see photo below).

Happy mixing!!!


  1. i love this!! i didn't know I can mix my own lip color :)

    1. Thanks Irina... yes you can, now you can create your own unique shade. you may mix more colors also...

  2. huwaaaaw, Henry! i never thought of doing this kind of lipstick color-mixing!. may idea na ako, makapagstart nga mamaya hahaha. this is really helpful, lalo na may mga shades ako na di ko magamit kasi some of them are really dark, yung iba masyadong matingkad naman. Pero dahil dito mukang may solution na ako. haha. thanks for this papa Hen! more power. mwaaaah! :)

    1. Sige mich start mo, yung dark na lipstick shade mo i-mix mo sa lighter one... then yung matte pwede mo haluan ng glossy para maging semi matte... dami possibilities talaga... Para din d masayang yung lipstick na d mo gaano nagagamit kase sobrang dark o sobrang matingkad... You'r welcom Michelle... Happy mixing...

    2. Thanks sa additional info/advice Henry! pero san mo pala nabili yung lipstick palette mo? Parang mas bet ko yun kesa sa tube e. :) Im so excited na sa pag-mix since this will save me a lot of bucks! ahahaha -Mich

    3. Mich I'll tell you where pag nagkita tayo ma-amaze ka kase ang mura lang nung palette na yan. ang maganda sa palette kase nandun na lahat ng lipstick mo.

  3. Where did you get your transparent pallette?

  4. In art class we learned that you always add the dark paint to the lighter, going gradually. That way you waste much less paint.


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