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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick Tip! Save Your Favorite Mascara Wands!

Do you hate it when you have to throw away your empty mascara tube along with it your favorite mascara wand? Or having your favorite mascara but you doesn’t really like the wand that comes with it? I certainly do.

Now, I got a little quick suggestion for you. Throw your empty mascara tube but save the mascara wand. Just clean your wand and reuse it! Here’s how I do it:

First, gather all the things you need:

Your empty mascara tube with your favorite wand with it.

Dishwashing soap (preferably with antibacterial formulation) and bowl or container (big enough to soak the wand).

Brush cleaner.

Tissue or towel, old toothbrush and zip locks.

Here’s how I clean my favorite mascara wands:
  1. Put dishwashing soap in an empty container.
  2. Soak your favorite mascara wand overnight. This will remove the mascara from the wand when mixed with dishwashing soap.
  3. Brush gently your mascara wand with old toothbrush to remove mascara off the wand.
  4. Put your wand under running water until all mascara is gone.
  5. Then roll your wand on a towel to dry it.
  6. Then place your wand on top of a tissue and spray it with a brush cleaner.
  7. Then roll it on the tissue and place it on top of another tissue to dry.
  8. Now your favorite mascara is clean and is now ready to use. Just put it on a zip lock for storage and to prevent it from getting dirty.

How to use your favorite mascara wand:
  1. Choose your favorite mascara then take ample amount off the mascara (from the wand that comes with it) and place it on a mixing palette or at the back of your hand.
  2. Get your favorite (clean) mascara wand and swipe it gently on the mascara you placed on the mixing palette or at the back of your hand.
  3. Swipe the mascara onto your lashes.
  4. Now you have a great looking lashes using your favorite mascara and your favorite mascara wand.
Easy, right?

Let me know what you think about it.


  1. tutal Mascara na din naman ang pinaguusapan dito, anu ba masusuggest mo na brand for volumizing and lengthening? :) Saka yung di sticky yung finish..

    1. nko fav of the moment ko ang maybelline falsies waterproof. yung kulay purple na tube. love at first swipe talaga experience ko w/ client nun.... try mo yun... :-)

    2. ahh nice.. kasi ang ginagamit ko now yung waterproof ng covergirl. pero sige try ko din yun, saka mas cheaper ata sya kesa covergirl. :D

    3. yung kulay orange ba yun na covergirl? maganda din yun dba :) kaiba lang talaga naging experience ko dun sa purple na maybelline hehehe


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