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Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeover! Rhel Got Better!

Meet Rhel...

Rhel is a natural beauty. She has that girl next door look which makes your head turn towards her whenever she passes by.

For the longest time I wanted to give her a makeover because she's just so beautiful. And I'll surely regret not giving her one.

She just celebrated her 5th year with her current company so I decided to give her a makeover as a reward.

The look that i'll be giving her can easily turn from sweet to sexy by just changing the lip color.

Rhel's makeover are separated in several sections for easy navigation:

Rhel's Eye Make-up
Rhel's Brows
Rhel's Skin
Rhel's Lips
Rhel's Hair
Rhel's Style Guide

Keep on reading to know the step-by-step makeup application I did for her.
For Rhel's look I wanted to bring out her inner sexiness so I use eyeshadows with shimmer on in. I also put emphasis on her crease by darkening the area for that bombshell-like doe eyed look. Then i line her entire eye with black pencil and wing her gel liner out for that sexy cat-eye effect.

Since her eye is already making a bold statement I wanted to diffuse the look a little by putting soft coral color on the lips to maintain her sweetness.
For Rhel's look I mostly used NYX Professional Makeup Make-Up Artist Kit (shown in photo above).
To help you know which eyeshadow I used, I'll mark each one (check above photo) and call each eyeshadow by the mark for easy reference.

Rhel's Eye Make-up: Holiday Sexy Look!

Follow the steps below to achieve her eye make-up.

Step 01:
Prime the entire eye area (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) with NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone using medium size concealer brush. Then gently pat as you spread the primer to even out the application.
Step 02:
Using synthetic blending brush spread Maybelline Color Studio Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze evenly on the entire eyelid (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above). Once the cream eyeshadow is dry, pat the lid with NYX Eyeshadow #B5 (choco-bronze shimmer) using Flat Eyeshadow Brush like Artnet 112 or Flat Blending brush like Mac 217.
Step 03:
Then line the upper lash line (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) with Maybelline Expert Eyes Soft Khol Eye Pencil in Black. Smudge Eyeliner using brush like Fanny Serrano brush 14.
Step 04:
Then blend the line softly while adding it with NYX Eyeshadow #D3 (black shimmer) using small brush like MAC 228. Blend it with the eyeshadow on the lid.
Step 05:
Using MAC 219 pencil brush color the crease with NYX Eyeshadow #C5 starting from the outer eye area going to the inner eye area. Blend it out from the outer eye area towards the inner eye area.
Step 06:
Apply Fanny Serrano Honey Glitter individual eyeshadow (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) starting from the brow bone and blend the eyeshadow (shimmer) towards the crease using blending brush like Artnet 154 or MAC 224.
Step 07:
Then line the lower waterline (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) with Maybelline Expert Eyes Soft Khol Eye Pencil in Black.
Step 08:
Smudge the pencil that goes beyond the  waterline and add NYX Eyeshadow #B5 on the lower lash line (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) using MAC 224 brush.
Step 09:
Then add NYX Eyeshadow #D3 on the outer lower lash line (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above) using small MAC 228 brush. Blend it gently with the eyeshadow applied on the lower lash line but stop before it reached the middle area.
Step 10:
Using MAC 201 eyeliner brush, apply Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Black on the upper lash line (enclosed in white dots as shown in the photo above). Wing-out the gel eyeliner for that cat-eye effect.

Then Curl your eyelashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Apply 2 coats of Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara (let the mascara dry for 3 to 5 seconds before applying the second coat) from roots to tips (do not wiggle when applying when you want a more natural finish). Add false eyelashes to your liking.

Below is the finish look:

Finished Eye Make-up with Eyes Close.
Finished Eye Make-up with Eyes Open.

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For Rhel's Brows:

For her eyebrows I use wet n' wild ultimate brow kit powder in Ash Brown. I use the lighter one using MAC 208 brush. I first fill in the highest point of the arch towards the tip of the eyebrow before filling in the part near the nose.

Tip: Try to draw the shape first and check if you like it before putting more eyebrow powder. It's always easier to pack colors than removing the excess. I hope this helps.

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For Rhel's Skin: Fresh Flawless Skin!

Note: Step 01 should be skin prep and I will write about this on separate blog entry.

Below are the steps to achieve "Fresh Flawless Skin":

Step 01: I prime the entire face using Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer in 001.
Step 02: I use Dermacolor corrector/concealer on the under eye area to reduce the dark circles.
Step 03: I use L'oreal True Match Foundation in N7 on her skin. Slowly building the foundation up as needed using MAC 189 foundation brush.
Step 04: I put on concealer on under-eye area, corners of the nose, corner of the mouth and spot correcting on areas that need concealing using MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35. Make sure to blend it well with the rest of the skin.
Step 05: Then set the foundation and concealer with Ben-Nye Banana Powder.
Step 06: Then I put bronzer under her cheeks to bring out her cheek bones. Then I blend the upper edge where the bonzer ends with Maybelline Peachy Sweetie blush (peach colored blush) and added more blush from the apple of her cheeks towards the temples using Nars Yachio brush.

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For Rhel's Lips: Sweet Pout!

Note: You should put lip balm like Carmex after skin prep.
Below are the steps to achieve "Sweet Pout" lips:
Step 01: Line the entire lip area (upper and lower lips) with Etude House Lip Liner in Natural. Purse lips together to distribute lip liner evenly.
Step 02: Apply Kryolan Lipstck in #LF401 (nudel-coral shade). Purse lips together. Repeat this step twice or thrice depending on how long you want your lipstick will stay.
Step 03: Then add a coat of Kryolan Lipstick in #LC132 for that hint of orange. Purse lips together.
Step 04: Set lipstick by pressing tissue in between your upper and lower lips.
Step 05: Apply Etude House clear Lip Gloss in the Middle of your lower lip.

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For Rhel's Hair: "Upper East-side" Volumes!

Tip: Start with Hairstyling so that you will have enough time to set your hair rollers. Then finish hair after you finish applying your makeup.

This is similar to Michelle's hairstyle from previous makeover entry (click here). The hairstyle is versatile enough that can be worn whether you have long or shoulder length hair.

Below are the steps to achieve "Upper East-side Volumes" Hair Style:
Step 01: Spray hair with water to make it damp.
Step 02: Apply hair mousse.
Step 03: Blow dry hair using Babyliss hair blow drier and round large pig hair comb.
Step 04: Then separate hair into different groups. Then curl each group of hairs using Babyliss hair curler or Babyliss flat iron. After curling or ironing each group of hairs use rollers and roll each group and set it for few hours. Use large size rollers on hairs near the face and medium size rollers on the back.
Step 05: After you finished curling and putting hair rollers, spray it with Hair Spray to help the hair hold the curls.
Step 06: If the hair is all set, remove the hair rollers. Then slightly brush the hair with large paddle brush.

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Style Guide: Rhel's Looks!

I once again collaborated with fellow stylist James Reido to mix and match Rhel's wardrobe. We also asked Rhel to bring her favorite clothes, shoes and accessories so we could help her mix and match her wardrobe.

Below are the looks that we created for Rhel:

Look 01:
Party Dress from Greenhills - Php 350.00
Necklace from Divi - Php 200.00
Bangles from Landmark - Php 150.00
Look 02:
From Look 01 just add Black Jacket from Solo (Glorietta) - Php 1,500.00
Look 03:
Casual Dress from Landmark - Php 400.00
Gray Blazer from Maldita (Glorietta) - Php 1,500.00 to Php 2,000.00 price range
Necklace from Divi - Php 200.00
Bracelet from Online Store - Php 100.00
Look 04:
Casual Dress from Landmark - Php 350.00
Bangles from Market Market - Php 150.00
Beaded bracelet from Market Market - Php 100.00
Necktie worn as headband from Armando Caruso
Look 5:
From Look 04 just add Black Blazer from Express - Php 1,000.00

Images: Henry Anima II
Hair & Make-up: Henry Anima II
Styling: James Reido

What do you think of Michelle's look? Please leave a comment.Also for alternative products to get this look just leave a comment and I'll give get back to you.

I hope you like Rhel's makeover and I'm sure you'll love recreating her look on yourself. I am looking forward for your comments.


  1. Wow haha! Speechless. LOL. Thanks so much for this Henry! It's really a pleasure & an honor to be part of the blog of one very promising artist, not to mention - international too. It was really an awesome experience to be beautified by you. Thanks again especially for this tutorial, very helpful for someone like me who doesn't really have any idea on make-ups and styling haha! Keep it up, you & James, great tandem! Hopefully in the next few years we'll be seeing you both already in big screens. All the best! :)

    1. You are welcome Rhel. I am thankful also for allowing me to have this makeover on you. I have a lot to learn and I just want to share what I know hoping you'll learn from me too.

      Keep on visiting this page for more articles and tutorials.

  2. I love your tutorials! :) she looks stunning!

    1. Thank you Marge. I'm glad you love the tutorial. This look is so easy to create and pull off. I hope you'll come back again for future articles and tutorials.

  3. Chammy: Awesome Henry! Just in time for the Holiday Parties :)

    1. Thanks ate Cham. Madali lang sya i-recreate dba? Have you tried the look using other lip colors? you'll be amaze how it dramatically change the look.

    2. Try ko yan!!!! I have to make a list bago mag shopping ng mga makeup.

    3. Sige new look every party! I miss yung mga gatherings natin dyan puro kainan tayo (minsan inuman din).

      Yeap bringing a list of what to buy helps. Without a list you might end up buying things more than what you intend to.

  4. One more thing, give me tips on how to put fake eyelashes, pls?

    1. And will wait for the kilay tutorial---cham

    2. I will create a separate entry for putting fake eyelashes. Subscribe ka ate cham para alam mo agad once an entry is posted.

    3. Yeap coming up na ang tutorial sa kilay... konting antay na lang :)

  5. Wow Henry! one more amazing makeover. Mukang mahirap sya pero dahil sa tutorial mo ang dali na sundan hehe.. Meron na ako instant make up sa mga parties sa holiday. gusto ko talaga matuto maglagay ng eyeshadow kasi pag ako gumagawa laging mukang di bagay e pero pag ikaw nag make up sakin okay naman hehehe.. anyway,im looking forward sa make up class mo, surely isa ako sa mga enrollees! :D
    All the best, Mich. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle.

      Oo madali lang dba once alam mo na kung papano at kung saan ilalagay. tapos practice lang at makukuha mo na talaga yung paglagay ng eyeshadows.

      sige i'll let you know once may plans na ako for make-up classes.

      balik ka ulit ha.

  6. Wow! You are so good!! I love it! :))) Nice makeover!

    I am following you now.

    1. Thanks that you love the makeover beatrice. Thanks for following. :)


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