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Monday, December 3, 2012

Wear This, Man! Holiday 2012 Outfit Suggestions!

It's the month of December already and it's time for us guys to update our wardrobe for the Holidays.

Even though its Christmas season, it doesn't mean that we go all out walking the streets in colorful outfits like green, red and gold. We can still maintain the earth tone colors for the holidays.

What I suggest is that we inject some fun in our outfit by injecting colors and/or prints in one or two items in the whole look.

Check the outfits I put-up together (just click on the brand name to know where to get the items) that we can wear for this season:
Look 01: Grey + Blue
01. Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt - Brigg, Flying Dutchman
02. Lambswool V Neck Cardigan - Uniqlo
03. Eye wear - Clubmaster, Ray-Ban
04. Modern Tapered Khakis in Cafe Taupe - Giordano
05. Laptop Sleeve - Owl Tree, Punch Drunk Panda
06. Footwear - Shunami Herringbone, Sanuk
Look 02: Black + Yellow
01. V Neck Muscle Tee - Giordano
02. Fair Isle V Neck Cardigan - Uniqlo
03. Eye wear - Wayfarer, Ray-Ban
04. Modern Tapered Khakis in Black - Giordano
05. Bag - Metrosafe 300 in Black, Pacsafe
06. Footwear - Bilge Mid-cut Shoes, Flying Dutchman
Look 03: Brown + Blue
01. Animal Print Long Sleeve Shirt - Zara Man
02. Distress Bomber Jacket - Forever 21
03. Eye wear - Aviator, Ray-Ban
04. 1969 Straight Fit Jeans - Gap
05. Footwear - Sail Mid-cut Shoes, Flying Dutchman

Those are the outfit I suggest for this Season. You may wear Look one in the office, then Look two during "wash days" and Look 03 during weekends and parties. You can always mix and match these items to update the look.

I hope you find my suggestions very helpful. Let me know what you think and drop a comment on the comment section below.


  1. Amazing suggestions hen.. Cardigans are so nice for men in the office. Grey is really the new black.- mell

  2. Really I impress to see the collection and read this article.

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